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Mon Sans Productions Shout Out - Next Fall

About five years ago Mon Sans did a play called "Dog Sees God" at the Seymour center. A play centered around gay characters and religious themes, it seems appropriate that I one again return to Seymour center to find another play about those exact themes.

Next Fall produced by Darrin Redgate is about as close and your going to get to Broadway without actually going to Broadway, its tightly conceived, well acted and has an engaging set that heightens the mood and tone of the whole piece. The director Andy Leonard has taken a rich approach to the work grounding it in reality and letting the actors find the pace and flow on there own accord.

I love how themes are handled with humor and genuine tension you would see in everyday relationships. A great theater experience on all accounts that does great service to the issues it comments on.

Only 2 days left to see it.

Check it out.

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