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The Man Who Saw Everything, Mr Enfield: Dale Wesely Johnson – Green

Starting as an all-round dancer and performer in Janice Breen's performance group, he performed in various professional stage shows and promotional events, performing at the Opera house, and was in many Easter show stage shows combining almost all forms of performance art such as, dancing, singing, acting, modelling in order to entertain.

Dale's first stage debut started with Belvoir Street's 2002 production of Women Of Troy and from there he expanded his range to motion capture performance for an animated DVD game called “Ace Ventura & the Serial Shaver” playing Ace Ventura’s monkey, Spike. He then went to New Zealand playing in "Little Voice" as "Billy” directed by Mark Davanzo, a play that inspired a permanent donator/partner to the Gryphon Theatre and Stagecraft, the production company.

These days you can see Dale performing his strange comic acts on the streets of Sydney busking and using magic and physical comedy.

His latest projects include "Passing Time" As Letterbox and the Web Series “Coffee & Tea” in which he plays Tea.

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