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Let Us Tell You A Strange Tale.

Hello and welcome back to Mon Sans Production's Blog Posts. Did you miss us? Well no fear we have the latest production updates coming your way,

In the coming weeks you will learn about our cast, our crew and the strange being known as Hyde. But first lets us tell you about a strange case.

“In a world of corruption and greed none are as bad as the infamous Hyde, a man whose only pleasure is the pain and torture of others. But, even the most evil can sense a conscience at times and it is Hyde’s aim to rid himself of his conscience once and for all. However, in his bid for a dead conscience he accidentally forms a new conscience in the form of Jekyll, the kindest man you’ll ever meet.” “Hiding Jekyll” subverts the thematic undertones of the classic novella, revealing the fragility of Victorian man’s long held image of power and authority. A twisted look at power and the way people actively seek it by means of destruction or by following those who destroy. A comical blend of dark humour, satire and good old fashioned slapstick, set to make you rethink the classic novel with a grin.

"Hiding Jekyll" is the latest comedy by Liviu Monsted a theatrical spoof based on the classic Robert Louis Stevenson novella. Set to be performed at the King Street Theatre from December 6th to the 10th 2016.

(Bellow is a sneak peak at what's to come, be prepared!)

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