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Directing Monroe: Liviu Monsted

Liviu Monsted is the Artistic Director of Mon Sans Productions, an Australian playwright, director and actor with over seven years’ experience.

His plays have been professionally performed to full houses in theatres around Sydney such as The Parramatta Riverside Theatre and at the Factory Theatre for the Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival.

He began directing short plays such as "Temptation", which made it to the finals of Fast + Fresh, from there he moved onto full length plays with Mon Sans Productions. These plays include, "Dog sees God", "Not A Word", "A Broken Law" and "Passing Time".

His direction has become a staple of what is a Mon Sans Production, blending wit, drama and allegorical storytelling to bring past plays to life.

Actors he has worked with have gone on to well established Australian TV series such as "Love Child" and "Deadly Women",

When not directing stage Liviu works behind a camera on music videos for upcoming triple J unearthed artists such as NARLA and Beautiful Friend and the acclaimed web series, "Sam and Sammy",

"Directing Monroe has been by far the most complex and intricately deep production I've done, finding the line between truth and fiction has pushed me into a new way of thinking about stage direction and actor interaction. We have a long way to go but granted when I'm done, this will be unlike any Mon Sans Production you have ever seen"

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