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Introducing Her First Love, James Dougherty: Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy is an Australian actor best known for his work on screen as Ryan Doyle in 'The Lives we Lead' (2015) and Nate in 'Irreversible Choices' (2016).

Scott has worked on many other projects starring in music videos for acts such as Country Music Channel favourite 'Jetty Road' and Australian Hip Hop sensation 'Bilal'.

He has also been invovled with many national commercials and attained a background role in Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' (2015) and Eddy Arya's 'The System' (2016).

Scott has trained at some of Australia's best institutions such as National Institute of Dramatic Art and Screenwise and is actively involved with the Actor's Loft Sydney workshop hosted at Sydney Film School.

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