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Rhianna Biondić on First Rehearsal.

"My experience with the first rehearsal/script reading of MONROE was that of a pleasant one.

This play will be a massive step for me given I haven't performed before - immediately the environment of being among my fellow cast members in that first initial meeting gave me great vibes, everyone was warm and composed.

Coming together and reading through the script and our respective roles meshed extremely well, especially considering we'd all only met 10 minutes prior. I'm positive this'll be a great platform to grow as performers due to the subject matter and generation difference.

Liviu (Director) made me feel really at ease from day dot coaching me on how to play Marilyn to the best of my ability which was a huge relief, there's no pressure - his direction is clear and with room for suggestion, overall my experience has been positive. For any other team I could've been involved with, I'm glad I'm a part of this one.

Left to right - Liviu Monsted (Director) Rhianna Biondić (Monroe) David Hov (Miller)

There's a strong idea of what is to be achieved with this play and within the next few months, without hesitation I can say we're going to bring that and a lot more. Exlusively bringing Marilyn back to life to tell her story for 5 days will be something one wouldn't want to miss out on!"

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