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Introducing Amber Kent.

the beginning of 2016 Mon Sans Production launched a nationwide search for a female playwright to bring forth an exciting new production, After months of searching we found

MONROE: by Amber Kent.

Amber Kent has been a dedicated writer since an early age, writing for community youth theatre, collaborating and devising with a multitude of diverse people.

Her passion has only grown with time, for both acting and writing, sharing stories and shedding light on an array of human experiences. MONROE is an important achievement for her writing career, as it is her debut script on a Sydney stage. Her aim is to support the theatre and arts community, as well as reflect on topical issues, important to the past and present.

She is currently studying at Sydney Theatre School, having graduated from Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, and wishes to expand her knowledge of the theatre in Sydney and Australia.

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