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Happy Oscars Day!

Well todays the day! Happy Oscars Day! This is a day of watching the greats and to be greats have their moment in the sun! There will be tripping up the stairs, there will be overly long speeches, there will be awkward jokes by the host and most importantly there will be the moments that make you say, I want to be there one day holding a naked golden dude in my hand! But it’s important to remember that whilst we may not all get up on that stage, you can bet that most of the creatives up there started where you are.

So place your bets, get a class of wine and give a toast to the greats.

Personally I just want Sylvester Stallone to win best supporting actor, then he can say what we would all say, "Yo Adrian I did It!"

Liviu Monsted

Artistic Director Mon Sans Productions

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