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A Word From Our Producer

"Last year I had the honor of becoming a member of the Mon Sans family. It brings me such joy to be continuing the journey this year. As a young actress I understand the struggles young creatives face when trying to get themselves out there, which is why I am so passionate about Mon Sans as a company.

Mon Sans gives us young strugglers a platform to expand our knowledge and skills and showcase our talent in a professional setting. With this year’s Mon Sans Productions ‘female playwright competition’ taking place I am so excited to give one lucky lady the chance to see her work come to life! In an industry so competitive and at times extremely overwhelming what we, at Mon Sans are doing is enough for me to say without second thoughts “HELL YEAH”

I’m coming back to produce in 2016 and see dreams come true! With that in mind I cannot wait to read all our talented entries and eventually work with our special winner! My message I will leave you all reading this today is; keep following your dreams, don’t let anyone get you down and fly because the only person who can hold you back is you! Best Wishes,

Lauren Blenkinship

Producer/actress Mon Sans Productions


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